For B2B Tech Companies and Startups to Boost your sales effortlessly and say goodbye to the stress and pressure of selling


Are you tired of bad sales results?

I specialize in helping Tech companies and Startups like yours skyrocket their sales effortlessly.

Are you sick of the constant stress and pressure associated with not achieving your sales targets?

You can not grow revenue/customer base?

You have a great product, but no one knows about it?

You have unpredictable and inconsistent income?

Your prospects does not understand what you do?

The bad news is, you are not alone. According to Startup Genome 9 out of 10 startups fail. Approximately 30% of startups with venture backing end up failing.

Well, say goodbye to those worries because I have an effective solution for you

The SalesBooster Framework - Blueprint for revenue growth.

Ready to overcome your sales challenges?

Transform your tech startup's performance with our proven strategies and Step-by-Step guide for a simple and efficient Sales Framework.

Scale your sales pipeline for exponential growth, achieve remarkable results, and establish a rock-solid foundation for consistent revenue.

Elevate your sales game to new heights and build a foundation for scalable growth through 3 phases:

Phase 1: Positioning for Profit:

Your prospects must understand you!

We’ll help you craft a compelling business identity, map ideal profiles, and design your dream avatars.

Phase 2: Marketing for Growth:

Your prospects must know, like and trust you!

Sharing insights on how you can amplify your online presence, build strategic partnerships, and master effective market communication.

Phase 3: Execution to Scale:

You must scale your efforts with better decisions!

How you can streamline your sales process while understanding the buying process,

maximize team efficiency, and foster internal synergy and feedback.


Explore all of our Services

SalesBooster Kick Start

This exclusive program, based on the SalesBooster Framework, is designed as a hands-on experience for ambitious Startups and entrepreneurs who are ready to supercharge their revenue, maximize profits, and build a powerful brand foundation.

SalesBooster Sales Management

Hands-on Strategies for Driving Sales Meetings and Forecasting

The SalesBooster Sales Management program is specifically designed to provide Tech B2B sales managers with practical, hands-on strategies for driving successful sales meetings, pipeline management, and accurate sales forecasting.

This program equips you with the tools and techniques to effectively lead your team, optimize sales meetings, and generate reliable sales forecasts.

Key topics covered:

Effective Sales Meeting Facilitation

Key Topics for Sales Meetings

Driving Sales Team Engagement

Pipeline generation and conversion

Sales Forecasting Techniques

Sales Performance Tracking and Analysis

Tailored and Personalized Sales Consulting Projects

Customized 1-on-1 Engagement for Your Sales Success

Tailored and Personalized Sales Consulting Projects offer customized 1-on-1 engagement designed to address the unique challenges and objectives of your sales organization.

This program provides personalized consulting services where we assess the current state of your sales organization and collaboratively develop strategies to propel your sales success, driving tangible results and guiding your journey towards a modern, high-performing sales organization.


Why work with me?

In the past 18 years, through my sales and leadership experiences in the IT industry, retail, publishing, fitness industry, and extensive additional education, I have sought and found methods and strategies to increase sales, profitability growth, and the construction and collaboration of high-performance sales teams that achieve sales goals.

The methods I employ have enabled me to achieve and exceed sales targets both independently and with teams I have led and advised.

Regardless of whether you have been in this business for a long time or are just starting out, you understand how important it is to sell enough and secure business. Constantly maintaining financial revenues at the desired level can be very stressful, while also losing valuable free time.

Since the purpose of business is to enjoy it and not be its slave, I have prepared the Sales Booster Framework for all of you who are burdened, scared, and annoyed by sales. It is the fastest path to increasing sales and reducing stress caused by the constant need for sales, using a systematic approach and proven methods.

How Was the Sales Booster Framework Developed?

For over 18 years, I have been actively involved in sales, serving in various roles as a sales professional (SMB, Enterprise B2B, Subscription Sales). I have led domestic and international sales teams, transformed sales teams and processes, and provided consulting and speaking engagements at conferences on modern sales in the digital world, how customers have changed their buying habits, and what satisfies the customer experience today.

During this period, I have undergone extensive training and consulting, and together with different teams, I have achieved and exceeded set sales targets.

Although I have helped many individuals achieve their targets, increase revenues, and transform sales teams into modern, digitally empowered salespeople, I have discovered the most common challenges: lack of knowledge in marketing and sales, time management, and business planning in today's digital world.

That's why I decided to simplify and condense everything into concrete steps that deliver fast results and establish a solid foundation through the Sales Booster Framework.

Testimonials from Startup Funders Achieving Clarity to Speed-Up Profit Increase

"Petra's SalesBooster program opened my eyes to how important it is to build a quality sales process.

The program provides clear steps that enable companies to grow and increase profits.

I recommend the program to all team leaders who would like to make big leaps on their way."

- Toni,

Founder Sportbot

"I can not describe, how Petra’s SalesBooster program helped my company, regarding the business communication with b2b partners, how to approach new customers and generating sales. Innovative sales communication is the key for every business, especially startups and scale ups to generate sales you always wanted. I would recommend Sales Booster program to everyone who want to increase sales and growth of their company or to enter new markets"

- Nino,

Founder Mint

"Implementing this framework has been a game-changer for our business. It has not only expanded our partnership network but also significantly increased our lead generation.

 The structured approach of SalesBooster enabled us to successfully close Proof of Concepts (POCs) that converted into paying customers.

 I highly recommend the SalesBooster Framework to any tech company looking to scale their sales and streamline their processes."

- Boris,

Founder Green Twin

”As a young entrepreneur embarking on this challenging journey for the first time, you will continually step out of your comfort zone and face new, unfamiliar challenges. Working with Petra has alleviated the stress of making critical decisions about business development, sales and marketing strategies."

- Luka,

Founder Hummble